Community giving framework

At LEAKPRO®, we are committed to supporting charitable organizations and causes that drive true change and share our goal of making a difference in communities and regions where we do business.

Organizations receiving funding from LEAKPRO® are required to report on the results of the underwritten program and to document how money donated by LEAKPRO® was spent.

What we fund

  • organizations that are aligned with one or more of the four areas of strategic focus of LEAKPRO®'s community giving program: safety and security; youth and education; arts and culture; and health and wellness.
  • organizations that are registered charities and non-profits in their jurisdictions.
  • projects or programs that take place in communities where LEAKPRO® has a business presence.
  • charitable organizations that provide direct community service.
  • programs with measurable social outcomes.
  • events that generate participation by LEAKPRO® employees, contractors and business partners, such as health related walks and runs.

What we do not fund

  • organizations that we already support, directly or indirectly, through United Way
  • multiple contributions to the same organization in the same year
  • Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, political or fraternal organizations, Service Clubs, or third-party organizations that raise funds for charity
  • individual pursuits
  • public, private or religious schools, day cares, pre-kindergartens, pre-schools, including costs associated with student travel, playgrounds, etc.
  • religious organizations
  • endowment or memorial campaigns
  • advertising or promotional initiatives
  • the creation or repair of statues, monuments, art work or beautification projects
  • the publication of books or movie productions
  • private foundations
  • sports teams
  • initiatives and organizations outside Canada
  • registration fees
  • heritage organizations
  • advocacy and lobbying activities
  • think tanks

How we evaluate donation requests

LEAKPRO® evaluates donation requests by assigning points to each criterion based on whether the requesting organization is aligned to the company's strategic thrusts of:

  • safety and security,
  • youth and education,
  • arts and culture,
  • health and wellness,
  • a registered charity with a Canada Revenue Agency charitable registration number or a registered non-profit organization,
  • addressing a community need and provides direct impact to communities where LEAKPRO® employees, contractors and business partners
  • a clear evaluation process with measurable outcomes that support its mission,
  • delivering programs or projects that facilitate the transfer of skills or knowledge,
  • having audited financial statements, sound financial practices and a sustainable funding model,
  • providing opportunities for LEAKPRO® employees, contractors, business partners to be actively involved as volunteers, and
  • using less than 30% of its financial resources for administration and fundraising.

How we evaluate sponsorship requests

LEAKPRO® evaluates sponsorship requests by assigning points to each criterion based on the:

  • Alignment with one or more of the strategic thrusts:
    • Safety and security
    • youth and education
    • arts and culture
    • health and wellness
  • number of LEAKPRO® locations touched by the event
  • value to Franchisees - strategic and non-strategic
  • value to LEAKPRO®'s relationship with its franchisee, contractors and business partners
  • prominence of brand placement at the event and in collateral materials
  • number of people in attendance
  • opportunities for LEAKPRO® executive/employee participation
  • speaking opportunities for LEAKPRO® at the event
  • media coverage
  • company presence (e.g.: booth)

What are reasonable funding requests

Approximately 85% of LEAKPRO®'s annual donations and sponsorships were under $1,000.00
For local area proposals, LEAKPRO® prefers to fund programs and projects rather than capital campaigns.
Major Fundraising Campaigns: funding is based on a maximum of 0.5% of the private sector fundraising goal once all government funding has been confirmed.
All multi-year campaigns include a three-year sunset clause, or non-contributing period, following payment of the final installment.

Funding FAQs

  1. May I save a partially completed online application?
  2. How long will it take for a request to be reviewed?
    Requests for donations and sponsorships will take up to eight weeks. Major fundraising campaign proposals may take up to 16 weeks.
  3. Can I reapply if I have been declined for funding in the past?
    Yes, if the funding request aligns to safety and security; youth and education; arts and culture; or health and wellness, and meets our funding criteria.
  4. I have a regional request; can I just go to my local LEAKPRO® office and apply through them?
    All funding requests must be submitted online.
  5. Who can I contact if I have questions about the online application process?
    If you have questions during the application process, contact John R. Allen Founder and President

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