The total investment required to obtain the exclusive rights to a LEAKPRO® Franchise territory is currently $49,900.00 per Franchise. The size and demographics of territories is determined at the sole discretion of LEAKPRO®. No territory shall be awarded if it is not deemed to be an economic unit.

Other Costs

Cost of Establishing the Franchise (Disclosure Document).

Other than the Franchise fee, the following costs must be allowed for:

  • An approved van is required
  • The Franchisee is responsible for transportation and personal accommodation during Franchise Training
  • Business licensing in your local area must be applied for
  • Full insurance must be carried
  • Monthly royalty in accordance with the Franchise Agreement
  • The Franchisee will need to spend a percentage of Gross Sales on advertising

What is included

Franchise Management Training
All required equipment including a cellular phone and compressor
Start-up supply of LEAKPRO® consumables
Confidential operations manuals
Confidential technical manuals
Initial printed marketing materials
Initial printing and stationary order

Strategic Alliances

It is the Franchisor's goal to introduce LEAKPRO® into every viable market. The Franchisor is constantly searching for strategic alliances that will benefit Franchisees and help to create more awareness. The existing Franchisee network and program has created referral and request business in many areas (both fleet and retail) where we now need new Franchisees.