Support for Success

It is our commitment to develop and maintain innovative programs that deliver support, profitability and integrity to every franchise owner. Through a highly qualified team of experts, LEAKPRO® provides the services, advice, and support our franchisees need to build and operate a successful business. Together our support systems deliver LEAKPRO® as an extraordinary opportunity and a solid investment.

Prior Automotive experience is not required but helpful. A commitment to Service Excellence and a willingness to learn are all you need.

Franchisees receive three weeks of initial training at LEAKPRO®'s Technical Training facility in Oakville, Ontario and one week of business development in the franchisee's territory to introduce them to the dealer network and establish practical work experience. Here you will learn practical and theoretical aspects of leak repair and LEAKPRO®'s proprietary methods so you will become a successful member of LEAKPRO®'s Franchise Team.

Our training not only teaches leak repair, but day-to-day business management and sales techniques.

Training doesn't stop here. LEAKPRO® is committed to providing Franchisees with continual training and support through: technical bulletins; quarterly meetings; monthly on-line meetings; Ford, GM, and FCA Canada sponsored training; e-mail; private web technical area; and on-line chat sessions

A willingness to succeed and the ability to deal with people in a friendly, professional, and courteous manner, could put you on the road to Financial Freedom.

Our training is to inform, encourage and inspire our Franchisees to become resourceful and profitable owners and operators.