It's no secret, Air Conditioners sometimes smell!

You turn on the AC and get hit in the face with a foul odour. It's worse than the last time you left wet clothes in the washing machine for two days!

Why does this happen?

Whenever the air conditioner is operating, moisture in the air condenses on cold surfaces inside the system. Most of this moisture drains harmlessly out of the system.

However, some of it remains on surfaces after the AC shuts down. This lingering moisture combines with pollutants and microscopic contaminants that are naturally present in the air. The next time you turn on the AC system, you will encounter this musty odour.

What steps can you take to solve the problem?

One way is to keep your AC unit as dry as possible by running it with the compressor off shortly before you arrive at a destination. This will allow some of the condensed water to drain off the air conditioner evaporator surfaces and accelerate the drying process.

There is LEAKPRO® Air Cooling Coil Coating that covers the AC evaporator with a thin acrylic coating that makes it difficult for condensation to adhere to surfaces. This protective coating helps evaporator surfaces shed odour-causing moisture quickly.

The LEAKPRO® Cooling Coil Coating is long lasting. If you used bleach, baking soda, or a water repellant, you may have to treat your system every week to get the same long-lasting protection against odour-causing moisture.

  • Reduces the moisture buildup that causes AC odours
  • Long lasting protective coating
  • Does not contain perfumes to mask odours
    Your car smells cleaner, because it is cleaner
  • Cooler Air
    Cooling Coil Coating helps evaporator surfaces stay free of dirt and contaminant buildup. Cleaner evaporator surfaces improves AC cooling efficiency

How Cooling Coil Coating works

img Odour-causing moisture & contaminants img Moisture & contaminants attach to surface
img Smooth-coated surfaces shed moisture and contaminants quickly img The LEAKPRO® protective coating reduces buildup of odour-causing moisture.

For a health car free of mold, mildew, malodours, germs, bacteria and allergens.

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