Black Mold & Testing of Your Car's Environment

Black mold testing of your cars environment is the most important step you need to do once you have determined that you have some of the symptoms that could be symptoms of black mold poisoning.

There are a few ways to test your cars environment for black mold.

It used to be thought that the best way to test your cars environment for toxic mold is with air quality testing. However, air quality testing can sometimes be inaccurate. The new ERMI test is now the definitive test.

Air quality testing uses special equipment to pump air through a container that traps mold spores. This container is called a spore trap.

There are two types of air quality testing for mold, viable and nonviable testing.

Viable mold testing only tests for live molds and tests for live spores. This type of testing is much more expensive and is used to determine if there is mold that is living in a cars environment.

Nonviable testing counts spores both living and dead. This testing is the best one to start off with because you will want to know if you are breathing in dead spores as well as live ones. Dead or alive, spores contain mycotoxins and are dangerous to breathe in.

Also nonviable testing is much more reasonable as far as cost is concerned. It is also easier because the spore trap container does not have to processed immediately.

LEAKPRO® is the only company in the World that is certified and specializes in Automotive Air Quality Testing, Mold Removal and Abatement. LEAKPRO® has been fixing Automotive water leaks which is one of the leading factors contributing to black mold in automobiles today.

For a health car free of mold, mildew, malodours, germs, bacteria and allergens.

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Actual test results on a 2007 Equinox with a water leak, that had mold that we tested and fixed.

2010 Honda Civic Test Results

2014 Ford Escape