Todays composite headlights can cost between $50.00-$2,000.00 each.

A simple stone chip in a headlight will cost you money, not to mention the hassle of ordering the headlight, waiting for it to come in, and have it installed. LEAKPRO®'s headlight repair technology can repair that headlight to maintain safety, and the appearance and value of your vehicle


Using our state of the art equipment, we can repair that stone chip or crack quickly and inexpensively. You will not only save money but will be able to see clearer and farther at night. We can fix condensation problems and repair fog lights, driving lights, and tail lights as well. We will even come to your home or office.


A leak like this can lead to expensive electrical repairs in addition to replacing the headlight. This leak cost the customer $600.00 as it shorted out his electrical system.


This is the same headlight after being repaired by LEAKPRO®.

LEAKPRO® developed the headlight repair technology that was previously unavailable to the dealers or the general public.

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