When you walk up to your vehicle does it smell musty before you open the door?
Does your vehicle have or ever had a water leak?
Do you smoke or have pets or small children in the vehicle?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you need to call LEAKPRO® to rid your vehicle of the odour problems that are also potential HEALTH risk problems.

In todays environment, many people suffer from asthma, sinus problems and allergies. The mould, bacteria, and air borne contaminates WILL make you sick! And left untreated, the mould and bacteria will continue to grow in your vehicle.

The odours can come from a variety of sources such as pets, vomit, spilled milk, tobbaco, moisture and perspiration. These odour molecules can get trapped between the fibers of the carpet or other interior fabric items.

We have special procedures that LEAKPRO® has developed for treating these various odours. Ozone and thermal machines may be used to treat headliners, carpets, upholstery and interior trim pieces. There are special treatments for each odour situation. We don't just mask the problem we eliminate it! We don't just surface clean, we deep clean! We pull back trim and lift carpets. We carry carpet underlayment if it needs to be replaced.

In addition, our products address important environmental issues in today's market:

  • Products are CFC free and do not deplete the ozone layer
  • Contains no added alcohol or petroleum distillates
  • Non toxic, and contain no inert ingredients
  • Are VOC compliant

We leave the car smelling fresh because we have killed all the odour causing mould and bacteria, and we guarantee it!

We will even come out to your home or office, and inspect your vehicle.

The world's best ozone machine.
This will kill all odours and NO one in the industry has a high powered machine like ours that was specially developed and designed for mobile applications and will put out 50 grams of ozone per hour.

For a health car free of mold, mildew, malodours, germs, bacteria and allergens.

HealthyCar is a division of LEAKPRO International Inc.