Water leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and unnecessary depreciation if left untreated. They can rust out your vehicle and effect your trade in value. A simple repair now that could cost about $50.00 could end up costing you hundreds of dollars at trade in time.

A water leak can also cause mould and mildew to grow in your vehicle which could effect your health by breathing the air borne spores. If you have allergies, the problem is magnified.

Water leaks can also cause corrosion to electrical components which could cause a failure in an expensive electrical component which could result in you spending hundreds of dollars in additional repairs.

We are the LEAK PRO's! We have fixed thousands of leaks successfully.

LEAKPRO® technicians are trained by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler Motors LLC, and I-CAR and have the latest technical service bulletins and updates, and use state of the art equipment to pinpoint the source of the water leak exactly. This saves time, and YOU money.

We use O.E.M. approved products and warranty the repair up to LIFETIME.

We are recommended by the manufacturers. That is why we have grown to be the World's Largest Automotive Water Leak Repair company.


Water Leak Before   Water Leak After Repair And Remediation
Thermal Imaging To Find A Leak    

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