To locate sources of wind or water leaks in vehicles you can try one of the following methods.

The Chalk Method

Apply carpenter's chalk around the weatherstrip with the door or trunk lid open. Close it, then open and inspect the outline left by the chalk on the door or trunk lid. There should be an equal and even line showing a complete seal. If there are breaks in the outline of chalk, this is where a source of a leak could be.

The Water Test Method

Using a garden hose with the water pressure low, flow water around the edge of the door, window, or trunk lid, starting at the bottom centre and working your way around to the top centre. A leak will be evident by the water seeping in. Water flows to the lowest point so the source of the leak will be where the trail of water first enters the vehicle. With windows the trail of water can be seen from the outside of the vehicle; with a trunk you will need an assistant with a flashlight inside the trunk to spot the water as it enters.

The Pressure Test Method

Close all the windows in the vehicle tight. With the engine running, pressurize the interior by setting the blower on the high position with the controls set to defrost. Close all manually operated vents. With the doors closed and standing close to the vehicle, listen for escaping air around the door and window edges.

The Guaranteed Method

Have the professionals at LEAKPRO® inspect and repair your vehicle.

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