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4 Common Issues LEAKPRO® Can Help You With

September 25, 2018

Vehicles are like relationships – if you don’t take good care of them, they are bound to break down. Some vehicle problems are more common than others. Irrespective of what the problem is, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Let’s address 4 common vehicle issues – headlight leaks, water leaks, windshield damage and dust leaks.

Headlight Leaks:

Have you ever seen water or condensation in your headlights?  It’s a pretty common problem in vehicles.  The droplets that form inside headlights is basically condensed water – water from rain or the carwash, that has seeped in through the tiniest of cracks in your headlights.  The inside surface of the headlight is heated by the light bulb.  When your lights are off and the weather is cool, the water is trapped inside to form droplets that blur your headlights.  The remedy is to either keep your car out of the sun or simply keep the headlights on for a while so that the trapped water can evaporate completely.  That may take care of the problem, however if the problem persists, it’s time to get professional help.

LEAKPRO® was the first company to develop head light repair procedures to eliminate water from being trapped inside the lights causing blurry vision or corroded electrical components that could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Water Leaks:

Have you ever gone through a car wash and had water drip on you?  When you walk up to your vehicle or open the door, does it smell like an old musty locker room?  Are your carpets wet even though it hasn’t rained for weeks?  If you answered YES, you probably have a water leak!

LEAKPRO® is the water leak specialist.  We have a team of experts dedicated to taking care of common and pesky water leak problems.  A water leak left unrepaired can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle.  Water can cause corrosion of your electrical system – commonly known as the Green Ghost among automotive electrical repair professionals.

Did you also know a simple water leak could affect your health?  Deadly black mold can occur when water comes in contract with the underside of the vehicle carpet, which can affect your lungs, sinuses and more.  If you have an immune deficiency, if you have a baby or are elderly, call LEAKPRO® right away, because you are that much more susceptible to the negative effects of a wet, moldy vehicle.  LEAKPRO® can not only fix the leak, we can remediate all the damage cause by the leak and ensure that you have a safe vehicle again.

Windshield Damage:

If you’ve ever driven Canada’s 400 Series Highways (#401; 400; 407) or shared a highway with a transport truck, you’ve experienced damage to your windshield.  LEAKPRO® can help!  LEAKPRO®’s skilled and trained technicians will repair or replace your windshield according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications using only OEM approved products and procedures.  Your dealer has faith in us and we won’t disappoint!

Dust Leaks:

Like water, air can seep into your vehicle through the tiniest of cracks.  Dust can accompany that air.  Due to the pressure differences created above and below the vehicle while it is in motion, air rises and dust settles.  The road dust is lifted by the negative air pressure under the vehicle and can enter the vehicle through the rearward wheel housings and pushed into the vehicle.  Almost all dust leaks occur at lower and rearward locations.  Dust leaks leave a trail at the entry point that is either cone shaped or slit shaped.  These trails can help locate the source of the dust leak.

Dust in vehicles can cause serious health effects when inhaled.  LEAKPRO® professionals are specifically trained to eliminate dust leaks – let us help you rid your car of these hazardous leaks.

Any questions about leak issues your experiencing, give LEAKPRO® a call at 888.532.5349!

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