A sunroof is a nice option to have especially on those sunny days! Cruising down the road with the natural light and fresh air coming into your vehicle is a great experience.

Sunroofs come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Although the initial idea of sunroof was that of retractable metal panel, another variation that soon became popular was retractable glass pane which came to be known as moonroofs. However, the two terms are used interchangeably these days. But we will stick to sunroof, for the sake of clarity.

These retractable panels, as nice as they are on bright and sunny days, can become troublesome during rains or even during a car wash. Sunroofs are prone to water leaks and nobody likes driving around in a wet car with a leaky roof! At LEAKPRO®, we specialize in repairing sunroof water leaks. Before we get to the fixing part, let’s take a closer look at how sunroofs function and what can cause a sunroof to leak in the first place.


 How do sunroofs work?

Sunroofs can be maneuvered both mechanically or automatically. They usually are an option, not a standard feature of a car.

Sunroofs typically come in two variations: external and internal. The internal sunroofs retract into a hidden pocket that is a fitted into the headliner of the vehicle. External sunroofs are less common and open on top of the vehicle sliding back. There’s also a third variety, a fixed sunroof made of glass that simply lets natural light enter the car but does not open.

What are the most common sunroof problems?

Sunroofs can have mechanical problems such as breakage or worn or an ill-fitted glass pane. Sunroofs might stop working all together due to cable breakage or wear and tear of various components. Some of these problems can easily be fixed with basic DIY knowledge. Persistent problems, however, need professional attention.

Why do sunroofs leak?

When considering retractable sunroofs and the problems their owners face, there is one concern that comes up again and again: leaking sunroofs, particularly internal sunroofs. Hearing water sloshing around in your roof can be disconcerting but water dripping on your head in the rain or a car wash is much worse.

You can try fixing it on your own leak with duct tape or ruin your paint with a silicone sealer but chances are you’ll just end up defacing your vehicle rather than fixing a leak and you will continue to have water dripping on your head while driving.

At LEAKPRO®, we take an in-depth look at what exactly is causing the water leak before performing the repair. Some of the things that can cause the leakage could be clogged drain tubes, a worn or damaged seal around the glass pane or a cracked sunroof pan assembly.

At each corner of the sunroof tray, there are drain tubes that are supposed to take the water out and not let it enter the car. When these tubes are clogged, usually with debris such as leaves, bugs or snow, water backs up in the tray and drops right on your head! These tubes are part of a complex water management system engineered to divert water out of the vehicle. This water management system exists because sunroofs, which are built to be able to tilt up and down and slide, are not perfectly sealed. Automakers expect water to drip past the glass, so they had to design a system to catch and divert the water to the outside the vehicle. Drain tubes are comparatively easier to fix if it is just clogged due to debris. A weed eater line can be inserted in the tube opening to clear it, but one must be careful to not puncture the tube itself. You can also try using compressed air to clear a blockage, never use over 30 psi or the tube could become dislodged. A vacuum may also do the trick.

Why trust LEAKPRO® with your Sunroof Water Leak Repair?

At LEAKPRO®, we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. Over the past 2 decades we have become the best at what we do. Some of the advantages that our team of experts can extend to you are prompt mobile service, competitive flat rate prices and factory trained technicians.

We specialize in common and persistent automotive vehicle problems, one of which is water leaks. Sunroof Water Leak Repair can be tricky and time consuming. If the root cause of the leak is not diagnosed properly, the problem will continue to recur. A cost-effective, long-term solution is what we provide for our clients.

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I had a great experience working with Mike and his team at LEAKPRO. They provided great quality work and excellent customer service, for a reasonable price. Mike and his team are very well-versed in this specialized area of car maintenance and they stand behind their work. Highly recommended!

Calvin J, SurreyBC

After having my 2016 Buick Lucerne repaired unsuccessfully 6 times by my GM dealer I heard of LEAKPRO. I called LEAKPRO, John came out and had my car fixed in 1 hour. The front sunroof drain tubes from the factory were actually trapped at the dashboard. John installed two new drains and I have never had another leak!

D. Barlow OttawaOntario

My LEAKPRO representative Jesse did a great job fixing an intermittent water leak that would wet the back seat of my new truck. Jesse quickly pinpointed the problem and fixed it. No leaks now! Great service!

K. Peters VancouverBC

I had an ongoing issue with a leak in my 2017 F150 from under the left side dash. My Ford dealer could not pinpoint it after 4 times. The dealer finally called in LEAKPRO and the leak was resolved within a couple of hours. We have had a lot of rain, and no more leaks! LEAKPRO knows what they are doing!

D. Wiley HamiltonOntario

I had a musty smell in my used car I had recently purchased. MY dealer called in LEAKPRO, and it was determined that the smell was due to a water leak. LEAKPRO fixed the leak, replaced all l the under pad and disinfected the flooring. My car smells great and no more leaks!

A. Stayrer TorontoOntario

I had a big water leak in my brand new truck on the right side. I was so upset, my carpet was soaked! My Service Advisor said not to worry we use LEAKPRO. I received my vehicle back at the end of the day as promised, I felt the carpet it was dry! I lifted the carpet to check underneath and it was dry, all new under pad and fresh smelling. My service advisor informed me it was a skip in the sealer from the factory. I am so happy I had to write!

B. Slater WindsorOntario

I had a wind noise on my brand new Charger that my dealer after two attempts could not figure out, it was driving me crazy. I went to another dealer and they said no worries we bring in an outside specialty company. I arrived at the dealership for my appointment as I wanted to drive my car with the technician so he could hear what I was experiencing. Steve from LEAKPRO said he knew what the issue was and had it fixed within an hour!!! THANK YOU LEAKPRO!

J. Stanwich KitchenerOntario

Very happy with the service from LEAKPRO, they found the leak very quickly and repaired it the same day for a reasonable price

Gina VancouverBritish Columbia

LEAKPRO were super friendly and helpful! I really appreciate their patience and understanding and 10/10 would recommend them to anyone!

Lyds VancouverBritish Columbia
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